Thursday, July 15, 2010

Advice from David Holmes

Our SYEP staffperson David Holmes wrote this up today to give some advice to those out there who may be considering gardening with City Blossoms:

This a little something I like to call working in the garden.
Well during the summer I worked with City Blossoms. It was cool and all but, sometimes I just didn’t want to get all dirty. So, if you are someone like me and you don’t like to get messy but, you want to work in the garden with friends/family/employees. Just follow these steps!

step 1: find out who you will be doing it with

step 2: see how messy the work site is

step 3: depending on how messy it is that is how you choose your clothing
regardless it’s gonna get messy because you have to water and trust me it’s gonna get muddy

step 4: also dress according to the weather

step 5: well I guess you should be all set and ready to go, just make sure you do a lot of watering

from: your friendly neighborhood gardening boy “David Holmes”

We think David might have a real future with City Blossoms! He definitely is getting the hang of it despite early doubts. We look forward to having him share more of his opinions and advice with us over the rest of the summer.

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