Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pictures of this week

Beet Painting! Who knew beets could be so much fun? We were thinking long and hard about what raw recipes we could make with beets - alongside pre-K no less - and were coming up short. Beets are just one of those tricky begetables that are fun to grow. So we figured, beet paint, why not? Kids shredded raw beets to make the paint (with a little added water), then used the paint to write out "beet" and make pretty designs. We love to play with food!

These young gentlemen decided to show some swiss chard who's boss. Swiss chard is usually best when cooked or massaged in a raw salad, however these two (and several other kids at Marion) were digging it in it's pure, raw state. Maybe they know something I don't.

This week we had a lovely outing at the USDA People's Garden with our young SYEP interns. More details to come about that trip...let me just warn you - it was HOT!!!

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